The registration for the NWERC 2018 has now been opened, teams will be accepted starting Monday October 29th, they can already be promoted to the NWERC. Please do so at your earliest convenience; preference of which team(s) to accept first, can be emailed to kevin “at” nwerc “dot” eu. Local registration link is avaliable here. Both will have to be completed before registration is final; all teams with known contact information will receive an email when this has been published.

Team Admission rules

The following rules will be adhered to when accepting teams.

  1. The maximum number of teams (128) will not be exceeded
  2. Every institution will get at least one team.
  3. Second teams will be granted as long as we do not exceed 128 total teams.
  4. Third teams will be awarded on FCFS basis.
  5. No teams will be accepted before all preliminaries (BAPC, GCPC, NCPC, UKIECPC) have taken place.

Accepted teams

The following teams have been accepted:

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Prodrive Technologies

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