Welcome to this very bare page of the NWERC, 2018; on this page, more information will appear quite soon, if you have any questions, please send us an email at contact “at” nwerc “dot” eu.

NWERC 2018 results

Scoreboard and public contest

When the contest has started an online scoreboard will be made available here. A public (semi-live) contest will be hosted by Kattis and is available here; it will start 30 minutes after the official contest has started.

Practice Session Material

NWERC 2018 problem set available - [Nov 25th]

You can download the NWERC 2018 problem set here. Follow the scoreboard here.

Practice problem set available - [Nov 24th]

You can download the practice problem set here. Follow the scoreboard here.

Website updated - [Nov 23th]

You will be able to follow the practice session and the contest here.

Website updated - [Nov 18th]

The DOMjudge team manual has been added to the System page.

Website updated - [Nov 9th]

All accepted teams have been listed on the registration page.

Website updated - [Oct 12th]

The rules have been added, as has the system description.

Website updated - [Sept 28th]

The schedule has been added, references to the CFP removed, and jury fully added.

Website updated - [Aug 20th]

The website has been updated with the selection procedure and some options for your stay in Eindhoven.

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